Nigeria’s premier University, UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN is receiving applications from prospective postgraduate applicants. If you desire a postgraduate degree form University of Ibadan, this blog would put you through on how to go about the application process.
  1. Begin by surfing through U.I’s prospectus. Read up background information about the school and the department you wish to apply to. The prospectus also lists the various courses and specializations of the different postgraduate degrees on offer (M.A, MSc. PhD, Mphil e.t.c) Get the prospectus by clicking => here
  2. Begin the online application by visiting University of Ibadan postgraduate school page => here. To make the process faster, you can also begin => here .That is the authentic site where all postgraduate applications takes place.
  3. Read and understand all other details and follow instructions. ‘continue to next page’ on the new page displayed.
  4. Note that you should have an active e-mail account and phone number to continually receive correspondence. (Application number, password e.t.c). Also have scanned copies of all your credentials. (O’Level Result, Degree Cert, NYSC Cert, Marriage Cert as applicable, e.t.c )
  5. Get your referee’s email addresses at hand as you would need it.
  6. At the First Data Request page, put in all information correctly and submit.
  7. Login to your email account and retrieve your application number and password to continue your application process. Note that you have twenty minutes to do these.
  8. Carefully select the programme and the course to get the application form fee.
  9. Go to the bank to pay the fee and continue online.
Sure you can continue from there. Feel free to drop your questions.
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  1. Hi Mr Ayodele, here is my question pls, I graduated with a third class in computer science from university of Ado Ekiti, pls is there any post graduate program I can be considered for in a U I cos I feel this is d end of d road for my education.

  2. My dear yinka, its not the end of the road for you. Are you really interested in a postgraduate study, or just a certificate to work?
    a postgraduate diploma would suffice,(which you would be admitted for in U.I) better still do some international certification courses, it would help you get a good job, but note, you must change some things about yourself to become successful. God bless you, Don't give up.

  3. Thank you for d response Mr Ayodele, actually I want to do the postgraduate diploma if d admission is ongoing now, but if not I will appreciate if u recommend any international certification course for me that could help build my CV I will appreciate it. Thanks alot , it's been helpful having some1 here to listen

  4. Mr Ayodele,thanks for your response. Though I had already chosen MSC Sociology before I saw your response, I will like to change it to MSC Development economics on the strength of your response. Secondly,how can one reach you on mobile/email peradventure one needs assistance as per registration issues. Thirdly, your followers on the old blog find it a little tasking locating this recent blog or thread. Kindly assist your old/previous followers on how they can easily locate you on this new thread sir. You have been very helpful, I can't thank you enough. Thanks

    1. @lakintan, everything depends on your interest, so don't change sociology to dev. econ just based on my advice, is that truly your interest considering the future. I may not have time for personal chats now, seriously busy, you can add me up on google plus though.

  5. Hi, Mr Ayodele. I can't view the prospectus. I graduated with a 2.1 in French and wish to go for Masters in French. I need ur help in the various courses available for M.A French in U.I. Thanks

  6. Pls how much is the school fees for the centre for petroleum energy economics and law, i heard its up to 1million? Am applying for LLM in Energy Law.

    Furthermore, I am currently doing my NYSC and will be passing out by mid october, by then the application for PG school will be over. we are required to scan and upload our nysc discharge certificate, what do i do?

  7. pls
    mr ayo' am a graduate of mascom 4rm mapoly nd want 2 obtain d pgd form'
    bt in dr prospectus dey said 1 must have lit'in'eng in o'level which i
    dnt av in my waec result bt it was nt really required wen i was given
    admission into mapoly' secondly can 1 combine waec nd neco result' nd i
    want 2 knw d price of pgd form nd wen z gonna close' i will be tru wit
    my nysc by oct16

  8. Hello Mr Ayodele, I'm a 3rd class graduate of Industrial Chemistry… Do I stand any chance of getting admitted to study Masters of Information Resource Management? (M.I.R.M).. Thanks!

  9. please boss,when is the closing date?i had MBBS and want to do Anatomy andi am finishing NYSC my october..what is my chance of gettin admission.thks

  10. HELLO!!! I graduated with a 2.2 in physiology from unilag and i dont have any working experience. pls, do i stand a chance of getting admitted to study masters in public health. 10nks

  11. pls
    can 1 combine neco nd waec olevel results' nd wat z my chance of
    admission cos i came out wit lowercredit in masscom' nd want 2 do pgd in

  12. -The closing date for the form is unclear for now
    -Entrance exams is simply an English test for all candidates, brush up your Jamb use of English
    -Public health is competitive, but you can apply

  13. Mr Ayo, good morning
    Pls, i graduated with 2.2(2.49) in physiology and I don't have any working experience. Pls, do I stand a chance in getting admitted to study masters in public health( environmental health). Thanks


  14. im glad to have someone here to clarify issues in people's mind. Mr A.Y, I graduated with a strong 2.1 in banking and finance and will want to do my Masters(in line with academics) but the finance I discovered in the prospectus is a professional one, pls, what can I do or which other course(in line with academics) can I apply for?

  15. i graduated wit a 2.2 (2.94 cgpa) at obafemi awolowo university and i want to apply for G&C in d masters programme. what are d chances for picking me?

  16. Good Morning Mr. Ayodele. Pls the passport photograph to be uploaded 10kb max & 6kb min. It's quite small and photograph appears small and after uploading it doesn't appear clear. I've gone ahead with this. Hope it's not going to be a problem. Pls I want to know. Thanks

  17. Is the form still on sale?.
    I am a graduate of Library and Information Technology with diploma in Library and Information Science. Is it possible for me to do my Master in Information Science or library and archival studies.
    Urgent pls

  18. Pls, anyone to help me out as quick as possible. i had problem with registration: after entering my data, the site is requestin 4 matric number. Pls, wat do i do?

  19. Hello Mr AYo, pls my transcript is not yet sent but I have applied for the Pg form. Pls, hope it won't affect my application coz I think 2day is d last day for the application. When is the last day for the transcript to be sent. Thanks….

  20. Hi, Mr Ayodele welldone. Although d form has closed,I was able to register yesterday and av gotten to d invoice stage should I go ahead and pay d money into their account? Thanks. Dammy

  21. Hello Mr Ayo. My friends told me dy got a mail 4rm UI concerning Dr application status and abt Dr transcript dat has not been sent, but I didn't get any 4rm dem.. I applied for public health in environmental science and I scored 40 in d English test… Pls is dr still hope for me… 10nks

  22. Helloooo… Pls I just got a mail 4rm UI abt my eligibility status dat am eligible. But I didn't pass the departmental test for my department (MPH environmental Health science). Does it mean I still have hope since am eligible

  23. plz is it a must my referees must be from d school I graduated from? can I use anyone outside my school that is acquainted with my academic performances?

    1. At least, one of your referee should be your former lecturer in the last institution. preferably, your project supervisor

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