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“Hi Mr Ayodele, here is my question pls, I graduated with a third class in computer science from university of Ado Ekiti, pls is there any post graduate program I can be considered for……. I feel this is d end of d road for my education.”

In our world, that typifies the cliche, ‘survival of the fittest’, anyone found ‘unfit’ in any of life’s contests, especially in academics, could be easily assumed as a write off. Just as the writer quote above feels, but I say there is still hope. As a third class graduate who wants to progress in life, especially for a postgraduate degree, you can make it, albeit on a strait path.
  1. Realise: Accept that your third class degree is quite poor AND YOU NEED TO MAKE CHANGES. This is not the time for excuses, or to blame your past Lecturers. While it is an easy thing to realise, some folks may just put the ‘what’s the big deal’ character. This is very wrong.
  2. Reject: Every negative thought should be totally expunged from your mind. Thoughts of self defeat, never-do-well or bad-luck should be rejected. While having a third class isn’t good at all, it shouldn’t determine your fate in life.
  3. Re-evaluate: What are your hope and dreams? do you have what it take to accomplish them? For example, if you want to go for a postgraduate study, you need to be sure you are intellectually capable. For many third class graduate, their third class is usually as a result of other things and not mental incapabilities.
  4. Rise: Madness has been defined as doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. Check yourself, and take stock of whatever brought you the third class, THEN MAKE A FIRM DECISION TO CHANGE. Rise and challenge the reality that it can get worse, if something pragmatic is not done. Laziness, partying, lack of focus e.t.c are not co-travelers with success. Specific steps could mean applying for a postgraduate diploma, taking professional courses (ICAN, I.T certifications), or starting all over again, probably in a different field.
  5. Rest in God because he is the One who gives true meaning to a life.
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  1. I am Tomisin please i just want to confirm if truly the post graduate form is closed or is there a way I can get late form sir?.

  2. Here is my question: if a graduate of BSc Accounting with a second class lower of 2.97 apply for postgraduate diploma ( PGD) in financial management at OAU, I want to ask whether the person can apply directly for MSc Accounting after the completion of the PGD at OAU

  3. You may be admitted for a masters in accounting, since financial management is a specialization in accounting, but its quite tricky, why not do a PGD in accounting so you can proceed directly.

  4. I have a third class in education, OAU and want to further my masters in education at UI, will I need to still go for a pgd first because of my grade or I wil be considered straight up for masters?

  5. You can do a PGDE with NTI (Nigeria Teachers institute), they have a satellite campus in lagos and other places.
    Also most universities in Nigeria offer PGDE, in variants, weekend, sand wish e.t.c

  6. I have a third class degree in History and international studies but really want to further with my masters. Pls how do I go about it. Am in Abeokuta although still serving… Want to know if there is anything I can do during this period or I have to finish with my service year. Tnk u.

  7. I graduated with a 3rd class in chemistry from the unilorin. But am so confused as I don’t know what or which course I can do for my postgraduate. Thank u sir .

  8. I graduated with thirdclass in Anambra state university but am confuse becos I want to study cloth and textile or fashion and design in my postgraduate diploma is it possible. Thanxs

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