Before You Write UI Postgraduate English Proficiency Test

ui postgraduate English proficiency testThe postgraduate school at University of Ibadan (U.I) has announced the dates for the English Proficiency Test. The screening test will hold 12th, 13th and 14th of October, 2017. This is a major hurdle, and the University’s first academic contact with prospective postgraduate students.

Postgraduate Nigeria brings these tips that should aid you at the English Proficiency Test (EPT) and for postgraduate successful admission into University of Ibadan.

Tips for ui postgraduate English proficiency test

university of Ibadan ui postgraduate English proficiency test

  1. The date and venue for specific department has been dispatch to your email address. Confirm, check your spam folders, or Boxbe Waiting List if Boxbe is active on your email.
  2. Print out photocard, and keep it handy. It will serve as an admit to the screening test hall.
  3. For those who chose Lagos as screening location, the venue is at Huntsville CBT centre: 4, Ayanboye Street, Off Faramobi Ajike Street, Anthony Village, Lagos. Confirm your venue from U.I mail, and make arrangements to be there, considering Lagos traffic.
  4. At the U.I campus, the major venue for the English Proficiency Test Screening is at Adebayo Akande Hall, Ajibode, Ibadan. From U.I main gate, take a bus going to Ajibode. It is part of U.I vast campus, far from the main gate and may be strenuous trek…don’t even attempt.
  5. The U.I EPT is only for postgraduate diploma and Master applicants. PhD applicants are exempted from the screening.
  6. All postgraduate applicants into the center for petroleum energy, economics and Law, Geology, chemistry, Microbiology, agronomy and social work departments will write their departmental test on the same date scheduled for the English test in ibadan. This means, prepare for two screening on the same day. Hopefully, the departmental screening will be CBT also, or else the logistics may be turbulent. Postgraduate applicants from those department should brush up final and penultimate year course notes.
  7. Soft copies of practice English proficiency screening questions are available at University of Ibadan postgraduate website. If you need it, pls drop your email in comment section.

I wish all applicants success, and favourable admission.

Drop your questions on any issue about U.I postgraduate admission.

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  1. is there departmental exam for electrical electronic engineering??
    if yes, pls how can we get past questions to prepare for that exam

  2. Please send me a soft copy of the practice English Proficiency sample questions. Please I also need sample questions for chemistry department.
    amyhopeful06@gmail .com

    Thanks, will really appreciate it.

  3. Please send me a soft copy of the practice English Proficiency sample questions. Please I also need sample questions for chemistry department.

  4. Pls I need the soft copy of the past questions for English proficiency test for postgraduate diploma.. Thx in anticipation…

  5. please i have the 34 pages 2013 ui computer proficiency questions, but i had another one is available, that is more in pages than the 34 pages.

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