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Certificate EvaluationCertificates are documents that show successful completion of a certain level of education. It is used as a proof of competence or skills has been imparted by a formal educational institutions. For as long as possible, credentials or certificates would remain part and parcel of the school system.

There are myraids of certificates, awarded at

different levels of education and around the world. The significant ones range from diplomas to degrees to certifications. There are some unpopular certificates also. Different countries of the  certificates for an educational qualification different from others.

In a global world, with exponential increase in knowledge beyond borders, education has become global also. The problem of certification of different countries becomes obvious as institutions and education authorities try to keep standards. For example, a diploma in the US may be a tertiary level certificate in another country.Same  name (diploma) but different years of study and competence level.

These situations and other similar to it created the need for a global certificate evaluation. Just like each country has it currency and there’s an exchange of equal value. Let’s call these a kind of certificates exchange process. Excately what are International Certificate Evaluation Organizations? How or where do they operate?

All About International Certificate Evaluation Organizations

International Certificate Evaluation Organizations are educational bodies that standardize the educational certificates of individuals to the country’s standard code/level of quality. Certificate evaluation becomes more apparent during migration to a country with different certificate standards.

International Certificate Evaluation Organizations work with individuals, universities, governments, recruitment agencies and immigration. They act as exchange point for different certificates of different countries.

Functions of International Certificate Evaluation Organizations

  1. Verification of the authenticity of the certificate presented individuals.
  2. Grade a certificate according to the grade-level or competency of the country to be migrated into.
  3. Assist educational institutions like universities evaluate prospective students for admission.
  4. Assist immigration and government agencies about the educational qualification of immigrants.
  5. It assures licensing boards and recruiters guarantee the competence of an individual with a foreign based certificate before granting a practice license or job.

The function of the certificates evaluation organization are not exhaustive. They also work on academic transcripts. This adds a level of authenticity to the certificate.

According to ECE, educational credential evaluators has been ensuring that foreign-educated people are respected and recognized for their educational achievements.

Typical Education Certificate Evaluation Organizations

Different countries have established credential evaluation organizations. A list of all International Certificate Evaluation Organizations would not be possible on this blog post.

Meanwhile a majority of all International Credential Evaluation Organizations are in the West, United States, Canada and Europe. This is because of the large migration towards those countries.

A few of the International Certificate/Credential Evaluation Organizations that receive recognition from government and institutions ar

  1. World Educational Services:  For United States and Canada.
  2. Evaluation Service Incorporated
  3.  International Qualifications Assessment Service IQAS:
  4. International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES): 

The National Association of Credentials Evaluators has a list of Educational Credentials Evaluation Organizations is accredit. Also, this article serve as a guide to choose a educational credential evaluator.



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