Postgraduate Admission in KNUST, Ghana

postgraduate in ghana

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, (KNUST) Ghana is seeking application from qualified candidates into its 2017/18 Masters and PhD programmes.

Admission of Candidates to Research or Higher Degree ( MSc/MFA/MA/MCOMM/MBA/EMBA/MPH/MPHARM/LLM/MPHIL/PhD) Programmes for 2017/2018 Academic Year.
i. Masters Programmes
At the time of application, applicants should possess a Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent from a recognized Institution in the relevant field of study.  Preference will be given to applicants with a FIRST CLASS OR SECOND CLASS
ii. PhD Programmes
Candidates applying for Doctor of Philosophy degree must have aN MPhil degree or its equivalent from a recognized Institution and shall submit evidence of adequate training and ability to undertake the proposed programme.
Unless otherwise stated,
Masters Programmes (Full-Time) are of Two (2) Calendar Years and (Part-Time) Three (3) Calendar Years duration.
PhD Programmes (Full-Time) are of Four (4) Calendar Years and (Part-Time) are of Five (5) Calendar Years duration.
For Nigerians & Other International Applicants:
  1. All International Applicants must apply online. International applicants who are admitted will be required to pay an application fee of USD 200.00 (approx. 80,000 naira) before registration.
  2. Application process is online, and can be done outside Ghana. Click to begin knust pg application.
  3. Note to click on theinternational login button.
  4. Download 2017/18 KNUST Postgraduate brochure here
  5. After the online application process has been completed, candidates must print out 3 copies of the completed application form from the portal and submit them (by post) to the School of Graduate Studies along with all relevant documents (Photocopies of Certificates, Recommendation Letters, and [Transcript for those attending KNUST for the first time]) to the following address:                               The Secretary,                                 School of Graduate Studies.      KNUST.                                         Kumasi-Ghana
  6. Deadline for the submission of application forms is 25th April, 2017.  Application forms submitted after the deadline will not be processed.
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Deciding to study abroad is one of the most important decisions you will have made in you life so far. The truth is, living abroad is a wonderful experience, but it is often surrounded by numerous assumptions. While many of them are true, some are very

far from it. Only if you have a clear mind about the ‘expectations and realities’, you can make your abroad experience live up to its hype! Here we take a look at some of the assumptions about studying and living abroad – and what the reality may in fact be…

In truth people rarely find a bunch of friends immediately after moving to a new place. Do not rush things, there is something people call a ‘culture shock’ and you will probably have to go through this period at the beginning of your new journey. In reality, the majority of students that move overseas for their studies make their first friendships with people from their home city or at least with those they share some common geographical ground with. It is long after that they step out of this comfort zone and allow themselves to interact with people who came from other parts of the world. It is a good idea to try and make contacts before you move to your new country.
Many researchers have pointed out to the fact that people can learn a language much, much easier if they are directly exposed to it. However, we are all aware that every language has many different dialects. So, if you are expecting that you will master the language quickly you are likely to be disappointed. You may be able to learn the language or even become fluent in it, but you will need much more than a couple months – or even a couple of years – to sound like a native. Additionally, studying abroad usually means being in contact with people from all over the world. Therefore you will be greatly exposed to other languages, which is amazing, but it is yet another reason why you will not be able to completely immerse in the language of the country you are residing in.
Sorry to say this, but as a postgrad student your studies will be more time consuming than you think – allowing little time for partying, and every day will not be an adventure unless you see the library as something adventurous. The main reason why you are abroad is to study and as a postgraduate student there will be many days that you’ll have to spend in the library. Although every postgraduate program is different, they all have one thing in common, you need to study a lot.


Everyone thinks that other countries work better than their own. Even though this is true sometimes, no country is the ‘perfect land of opportunities’. If you decide to study abroad, do not think that people will be waiting for you in front of the university right after you graduate to offer you a job. It is you who will have to run around and look for a job yourself. And in most cases, you would have to start as an intern and prove what you have learned.


There is one expectation that makes you forget about all the challenges in an Continue reading “POSTGRADUATE STUDIES ABROAD: EXPECTATION VS REALITY”

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Meet the Most Educated Nigerian: 6 Masters, 3 PhDs and Counting

most educated nigerian

Nigerians are the third most educated immigrants by college degree in the United States, behind the Chinese and Indians. A Nigerian Osatohanmwen Osemwengie (Osato for short) is blazing the trail in the field and academia.

Dr. Osato has 6 Masters degrees and 3 Doctorates, yes, you heard right! The amazing thing is, Osato isn’t stopping, infact he is on his postgraduate program, 7th master degree in January 2017, at University of Texas at Dallas.
Well, before you conclude, Osato is a jerk, piling certificates….Nah. Dr. Osato has achieved alot in the field of engineering, business and philantropy.
Dr. Osato is a robotics engineer par excellence. He has worked with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and has succeeded in sending drones to different planets, Mars and Jupiter inclusive.
His impact is felt in the military and security fields. A drone company founded by him has alliance with the US Army.Where did he bag those postgraduate degrees? You may ask….

  1. Doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Cincinnati.
  2. Master’s degree in software engineering at Regis University.
  3. Master’s degree in Information Systems at the Keller Graduate School of Management.
  4. MBA from Ohio state university.
  5. Currently, undergoing a Masters programme at University of Texas
  6. Currently, a PhD, also at University of Texas.
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gre introduction to graduate record examinations

GRE is an acronym for Graduate Record Examination. It is a well standardized academic test, used as an admission criteria for postgraduate schools. GRE is a requirement for (post) graduate entry, at Masters or Doctoral (Ph.D) study in the U.S, Canada, Europe and is increasingly being adopted in Asia-pacific and Africa, hopefully, in Nigeria soon.

GRE have been rated as one of the most difficult exams in the world, because of the high analytical and critical reasoning skills required by GRE candidate. Graduate record examination questions are not specific to any particular field of study.
GRE exams has three sections on which knowledge and skills tested viz,
1. Analytical writing
2. Quantitative reasoning
3. Verbal reasoning
GRE Analytical writing involves testing candidate ability of original thought. It is an essay writing with 2 sub-sections.
First is the issue based task, where the candidate is given 30 minutes to write confidently on a selected topic. The chosen topic can vary from biotechnology to emerging economy and so on. A guide of possible topics is given ahead.
The second aspect of GRE analytical writing is the argumentative based task. GRE candidates would be given a series of facts on an issue and be asked to critique in an argumentative style. Candidate can take a stand to support or oppose, but the important skills is the logic on display and orderly presentation of points convincingly. It also takes 30 minutes.
GRE analytical writing is graded from zero to six (0-6) with a score gap of 0.5.
Quantitative reasoning, tests the GRE candidate’s skill on numerical computation and manipulation for problem solving. This section has 20 questions, expected to be completed in 35 minutes. The grade range is from 130 – 170.
The verbal reasoning test the candidate’s comprehension, critical analysis and use of vocabulary. 20 questions are to be completed in 30 minutes. The grade range is also from 130 – 170.
There is usually an experimental section that doesn’t add to the total score. This may not be easily identifiable by candidates. GRE uses this for its own research.
Overall, to get admitted to a top/ivy league school, GRE candidates should target a total score of about 320.  It’s advantages include;
1. Ease of being admitted fir postgraduate study
2. Earn scare scholarship based on GRE performance.
3. Graduate assistantship job.
Graduate Record Examination have been developed and administered by ETS (Educational Testing Service). Registration for GRE can be done on their website here. For help registering for GRE in Nigeria, drop you comments
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