Postgraduatenigeria earlier broke the news about the 2014/15 screening exams for prospective postgraduate applicants who applied. This post is just to give you necessary information you may need. Drop your questions in the comments for it to be answered.

  1. The Postgraduate Screening exams began last year, with a lot of issues
  2.  Many applicant missed the exams for various reasons which bothered from inadequate dissemination of the information (that’s why we are here now), distance e.t.c
  3. The screening is for both Masters and Ph.D applicants.
  4. Last year’s screening was a general aptitude test. It was not specific to the course you are applying for.
  5. The P.G school is still receiving transcripts. Its very important that your transcript reaches the P.G schools or you would be denied admission.
  6. Your success in the screening test does not necessarily guarantee your admission, but your failure in it can stamp your admission denial. It just a means of weeding out very incompetent students.
  7. You can check how last year’s admission process went by clicking [here] for more information
  8. Last years P.G screening questions is available. You can request yours by dropping your email. Its for a token.

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UPDATE: The result have been released, check ==> here
The School of Postgraduate Studies at the University of Nigeria has announced modalities for the screening test for 2014/15 postgraduate admission. The date for the screening test is on 5th July, 2014. The sale of the postgraduate application forms started in March and was extended till May 14, 2014. The screening test which was done for the first time in the 2013/14 session, is coming up for the second time ever. It was a general test and not specific to any department nor course of study. The announcement from the school of postgraduate studies concerning the screening test goes thus;
This is to inform all candidates who applied for the 2014/15 admission into various postgraduate programmes of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, that the screening test would be held on 5th July, 2014. Further details of the screening with regards to venue, time e.t.c would be communicated to all concerned in due course
T. Ugwueze
Secretary to School.
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……. continuation
I came to Lagos to start my degree. I didnt have a job, i always planned to do it full time, with none of the distractions of a job. I went to unilag website and downloaded my “debit note” , it said that i was to pay 131,500 total for tuition and “mandatory fees”. however when i got to the bank, i was told to go back and reprint my debit note because the fees had been increased just that morning. i went back and lo and behold it was now 151,500. I went to the bank and made my payments. it was now time to begin registration/screening. At the point of submitting my credentials, i was asked to pay another 10,000 for “prospectus” and book of abstracts. After I paid,i was told that they didnt have copies of the prospectus. Till today , i didn’t get a copy of the so called prospectus. I was done with registration now time for lectures.
Only a few of the lectures were worth my time. They kept threatening us with how attending lectures were “mandatory”, but didn’t deem it fit to prepare lectures that would make us want to attend. My first degree comprised of more interesting lectures as my lecturers often prepared and came to class with interesting strategies but only one lecturer actually made me want to sit in class. Some of the lecturers didn’t bother to do research and prepare their class notes, none of them made their lectures very interactive either, but only came to class to dictate lecture notes (obviously obtained verbatim from textbooks).
The syllabus was pretty basic to me, nothing particularly new ( it was like repeating the same stuff i did in my undergraduate year), one lecturer didn’t even try to disguise this as he told us to borrow notes from third year students! I kept questioning, is this what a Master’s degree should be, i expected to further expand my knowledge and not rehash what i already learned…but then maybe I’m wrong.
I must say kudos to one borrowed course, medical statistics, they made almost every lecture worth my while, maybe the people in pharmacology need to borrow a leaf from them…just saying.
Exams: This was like playing guessing games…the lecturer had given lecture notes in class, so most times they asked how i would handle a certain real life situation(it seemed like they wanted us to guess what part of the notes they were thinking about and then write it out). It was fun, and thank goodness, i passed(i think tongue tongue).
Seminar Presentations :- The lecturers seemed to get a kick out of dressing down the students for all the wrong reasons. The essence of a seminar is to make the student do some research work, write it up and present right? wrong! Apparently in unilag, what you have researched is not as important as how you present it. And if it is not pleasing enough to the eyes of the lecturer,then it doesnt matter if you have researched and found the cure to HIV/AIDs. I may be wrong about this though, so feel free to correct me. Anyway, luckily for me i adhered strictly to their guidelines and presented all my seminars without any mishaps ( although i would have enjoyed it more if they had allowed me to be a bit more creative)
Dissertation : This was the part that almost broke me!Pharmacology Dept., CMUL, Unilag has a serious problem, a lack of equipments ,reagents,etc.I had to pay (sometimes through my nose) for every single thing i used in working on my project down to distilled water!!! I paid rent for my rats (no joke) in the school’s animal house, i had to buy my own beakers and cylinders and stuff (Coming from a school where my undergraduate project cost me only the price of printing, and one or two reagents because most of the reagents and equipment i needed were in the lab and i was free to use them, this was very shocking) I paid the lab technicians to assist me with my projects (they did a wonderful job and i would have paid them anyway because they actually offered me more knowledge than my actual project supervisor Dr. Unavailable.)After everything, I calculated and realised i had spent close to 300k on my project/dissertation. Awesome huh?
Defence: This was probably the highlight of my entire school year. The external examiner did not try to dress me down or anything but was very interested in what i had to say. He gave me the floor and let me talk ; only asking for clarification when/where needed. It made me feel good about all that i had gone through.
All in all, it was a very smooth experience.
Expenses: (minus accomodation, feeding and transport) N458,000 (my school fees and the cost of my project)
The major advantage is the speed with which you attain your masters. If not for the strike, I’m sure it would have taken me exactly 12 calendar months, with the strike, it took 16 months (Nov. 2012 – Feb.2014).
Would I do it all over again? I’m not sure about it…..Ph.D here I come


This is the first hand experience of a Graduate student of Masters in Pharmacology about his postgraduate experience at the University of Lagos. This is to introduce prospective posrgraduate student to what graduate studies really look like. There should be a few nuggets for you to pick. If you are a postgraduate student here and wish to share your experience too, drop a comment with your email and you will be contacted.

It was culled from http://www.nairaland.com/1646156/getting-msc-pharmacology-unilag-experience


 I’m almost done with my MSc. Coursework in Unilag and I decided to share my experience. The story will come in bits and pieces as I intend to write a little everyday till my entire story is told. Starting from the aptitude test. I intend to be as objective as possible. Happy reading!!!
After my service year, I always knew I wanted to further my education, I already chose lecturing as a career ,and it was only natural to take the next step, an MSc. Degree. I applied to two schools, University of Ibadan and University of Lagos. When I found out I was to write an aptitude test in lagos I was disappointed, I mean where in theworld do you write an aptitude test for a masters degree, just another excuse to extort people I thought. ( I almost forgot, buying the ” form” cost me 20 thousand naira). So I travelled down to Lagos on the designated date, for the aptitude test.

I think the test was unfair because :

1. It was a pharmacology exam, and not an aptitude test like they made us believe.

2. It gave undue advantage to people who majored in pharmacology.

If indeed anybody from biochemistry, microbiology, etc was welcome to an MSc. In pharmacology like they claimed, then they should have considered that those people don’t know much about pharmacology. There was theory (4 questions to answer all) and objectives ( can’t remember howmany but I think it was 50 and oral interview)
After I wrote the exams, I returned to my base not expecting to hear from them again ( over 100 people applied, and I didn’t ” know” anybody) . To my surprise, I was offered admission. It made me say kudos because it proved that they chose based on merit ( I can’t say the same for other departments though because I have two friends who applied with the same credentials in clinical pharmacy and they rejected one because she didn’t have enough experience while the other was accepted no questions asked. I happen to know that the accepted person ” knew” somebody).


The Presidential Special Scholarship Scheme for Innovation and Development (PRESSID), a postgraduate scholarship programme setup for excellent Nigerian graduates has announced the successful 2014/15 awardees. The scholarship initiated by the Goodluck Jonathan administration aims to give first class graduates from Nigeria the opportunity to study for a postgraduate degree in any prestigious university in the world.
The scholarship programme, coordinated by the National Universities Commission (NUC) began in 2012, with 101 first class graduate being awarded. This year (2014/15), 104 first class graduate would be awarded. They were selected after writing a qualifying test. Successful awardees [here] are to be in Abuja on Monday, 9th, June for briefing. Postgraduate Nigeria wish them well in their endeavors.


The admission list for successful postgraduate applicants into Federal University of Technology, Minna is out. The 2013/14 postgraduate admission which was released recently should be checked on the school’s web portal. Postgraduate applicants can check-in into the school’s portal [ here ] with their form number to confirm their admission status.
It would be remembered that FUT MINNA postgraduate Application was advertised around July, 2013. The lengthy ASUU strike which took about six months probably contributed to the delayed postgraduate admissions- better late than never. An undated postgraduate school fess for FUT Minna can be downloaded here. Congrats to the latest postgraduate students.
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